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Whoever Said If You Build It, They Will Come is an Idiot!

Too many people have taken that axiom to heart and think that all they need to

do is slap a website up on the web and poof! Money will fall from the sky from

the droves of customers who magically appear. I’m sorry if that’s what you are

thinking because this will burst your bubble – it’s simply NOT true!
It’s not like the offline retail world where people driving by may see your shop
and drop by. Heck, even then most businesses will have a big old sign on the
roof or by the side of the road that tells you of its presence. On the web,
however, there isn’t any roof or roadside to display your sign.
This means that you’re going to have to do a little work to get the word out about
what you have to offer. In order to generate some traffic to your product or
website, you must figure out a way to let people know you’re there.

Myth Buster: Tons of Traffic = Tons of Money
You see this all the time in forums: “I had 10,000 visitors this month but not a
single sale – were they bots?”
Then there are the offers like the one I saw this morning: “Get 10,000 human

visitors to your site for only $10!”

There’s one tiny problem here…okay, it’s actually a very big problem. Tons of

traffic does not equal tons of money. Sorry, but it just doesn’t work that way.
That’s not to say that traffic isn’t important to your success because it’s
absolutely vital. However, not just any traffic will make you money. Targeted
traffic is the real key to success.
Those visitors that are sent to your website from offers like the one mentioned
above are untargeted. There is no way to know if they’re even remotely
interested in what you have to offer.
Targeted traffic means that the visitors have been pre-qualified in some fashion
before coming to your site. There are many ways to accomplish this prequalification
but first you must know who it is that you’re targeting.
The next section will help you with figuring out exactly what your target market is
and where they hang out.