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Are You Fed Up With All The Hype?

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You’ve got an idea for an Internet business – you’re full of enthusiasm, excited and can’t wait

to get moving on this new venture and earning the “big bucks” that you keep hearing about.


You eagerly read everything you can lay your hands on, visualize what you want to achieve and feel

you’re now ready to embark on making your dreams come true.


You think you’ll just “… knock up a quick website and wait for the bucks to roll in …” – because that’s what

you’ve been led to believe –  but you soon discover that you’ve spent hours building your site – and it’s

nowhere near ready to publish to the net!


Eventually you manage to get your site visible on the Internet – but why isn’t anyone visiting it? ….

Disappointment starts to loom as you try to get your head round the fact that it’s “… so easy to make

money on the internet” … but you’re struggling to even get started!

You were all fired up to go – now you’re rapidly thinking it’s a bad idea …

STOP right there!

It’s  NOT  a  bad  idea …

.. all that’s happened is that you, like hundreds of thousands of other people, have been sucked in by all the

hype and nonsense – it’s not your fault – you are not a failure – you simply got carried away in your

enthusiasm to start an Internet business of your own.


Hold that enthusiasm right there – or get it back if you’ve already “lost” it ! – and start over with a

fresh approach!


You’re still seeing emails and advertisements telling you that you can


… be up and running and earning money in 10 minutes …

… earn $3627 in just 10 days …

… be bringing in a six figure income in less than a year …

… be the next  millionaire …

Yeah – Right!!  –  These emails and ads are luring you with their “Get Rich Quick” approach – and because

you are NOT “getting rich quick”  you feel like you’re failing and you’re ready to quit!

I’m telling you now  –  you are not failing –  you are learning – and if you set out with a good positive

mind-set and gain as much knowledge as you can – there is no reason on this earth why you cannot

create an online business that will be successful.


The one big thing that you must realize is that it is not as quick – or easy – as all the hype you’ve been

reading suggests – it does take a lot of hard work, particularly in the beginning, so stay with it – you are

only just starting out and there’s a lot of learning to do – Be Patient! – just because something doesn’t

work the first time you try it – you are NOT failing …

You Will Only Fail if you Quit!


Now that we have established that you have exactly the same chance as anyone else to succeed in your

business, you have to ensure that you gain the valuable knowledge that will put you in front of your



Knowledge is Power and is the main driving force behind taking Your Idea down the road to Success


Author:  Lynn Kingsley




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