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Humor Is A Powerful Weapon

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No one needs be reminded that we’re these are tough economic times.    If there’s a turnaround on the horizon, it is not yet in view.  In short, these are difficult selling days.  It doesn’t have to be that way.   Money is being closely guarded thereby eliminating some of the impulse buying of just a year or two ago.  What’s the best defense against all this?  Might it be a simple as a good laugh?     It could.   Don’t make the mistake of letting up on your marketing.  No, you can never decrease your efforts but you can increase them!   Moreover, you better find a way to distinguish yourself now and do it with humor.

Many companies ax marketing campaigns as step one in cost cutting.   This is a huge mistake. Your competitor might be foolish enough but don’t be tempted to follow.  This could be a great chance for you to make a move. Mimicking your competitor is a great way to be viewed as exactly the same and you’ll certainly get lost in the marketing noise if that happens.  Instead, shout louder. 

It’s not just what you say it’s how you say it.  Who hasn’t heard that?  And yet, who takes it to heart.  Too often all the marketing messages sound the same and look the same.  What a mistake this is.    It’s bleak.  Huge segments of the population are stressed and worried.   One of the best releases that you can provide is a good laugh.  The key here is good.  Proper use of humor is an wonderful sales tool.     It makes you memorable and it makes you liked.  However, it can be difficult to execute.

Granted I sell things from presentation binders to avery labels to 3M scotch tape so I’m not exactly dealing with cancer medication.  Nevertheless, if humor works with your product offering, find a way to use it. 

Humor is an effective strategy and there are many studies out there supporting this.    If you’re into statistics, you can research the numbers for yourself.    But, think of the SuperBowl, often times the most important part of this massive event is the commercials….and it’s not because they are boring.  People what to share things that make them laugh with others.  Would that be important to you? 

If you really want to be heard, laughter could be your best offensive weapon.   If your sense of humor sucks, find someone who can help you because bad humor can backfire in big way.  It should go without saying that politics, race, religion, and gender are just a few of the topics that should be addressed delicately.   Proper implementation of humor should never diminish your professionalism.  In fact, it can enhance it.  It demonstrates that your company is human. These areas have been treated humorlessly in the past but they can be the poison pills if not done right.

Remember just because you find it funny does mean your prospective customer will. Still, don’t be too afraid to try either.   Women tend to respond to humor in advertising better than men.  After all, unless they are all lying, many women list a great sense of humor as the most important trait in a potential mate.  For men, tops on the list is often a nice…something else.  

No matter if it’s telesales, radio, video, print or some other media, get funny and get funny like yesterday. Your business needs it and sales managers, sales people, marketing people, and owners must embrace it.   Make it part of your strategic plan on the newer road to success.

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