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Come along on my journey with internet marketing, bumbling, fumbling and finally taking action :

About Me

As the title of the blog affirms and boldly states, my name is Tom Harvey and this is my life and attempts at internet marketing !

At this juncture of my life, I have to be true to myself and you, my readers, that my journey through the maze of Internet Marketing and anything to do with the internet and my attempts at making money has been what I can honestly describe as rather abysmal .

I have had a successful career in various “brick and mortar” businesses and was doing very well for many many years. In fact, you could say:  “he had it all”

A house in the Boston suburbs, a 48’ Sport Fisherman, Cessna 182, a house on Cape Cod and a condo in Florida.  (I also had a very intelligent, creative and energetic business partner)

A few years ago, for a variety of reasons, some very vivid memories and some now obscure forgotten ones, that life style came to an abrubt end..

No complaints, no regrets!

Concurrent with this falling from on high, I turned 65 and found out rather quickly that there wasn’t much room for a person of my age (even with my background) in the market place. No job, Social (In) Security as my major source of income and no prospects of much of anything.

At this point, I had moved to Florida and, as so many before me had done, I took the real estate sales course and became a licensed real estate sales person.  I became quite good at it and made some very good money until the bubble burst.  Naturally, I had nothing saved because being the optimist and perpetual serial entrepreneur, it was always going to be thus. It WASN’T.

Lady Luck would once again shine on me however with the offer of a position in Austria. The day that offer came through was the day that the prospective tenants made an offer to rent the house for 3 years.  Glory Be, I couldn’t believe my ears.

I took the offer, put the furniture in storage, put the dog in her Sherpa Bag and departed for Vienna..

Stayed there one year and probably would still be there save for the fact that I was not a EU citizen and my employer wanted to put me under contract and his lawyers informed him that he was paying me illegally.  Thus ended that gig.

It was about now that the internet began to grab my attention. Mainly as a result of all the wrong reasons:

Email after email of “get rich” MLM schemes, programs, and scams.  All very enticing. But I digress !

I now was faced with no job, living in Austria and not knowing quite what my next move was going to be when my former partner called and asked would I come back to the States and New York City and help him with the rebuilding of his business.  New York City seemed attractive to me as I had lived there once before in the late 60’s and thought that it would be a good way to re establish myself in the USA.

All the while, spending foolishly on shiny objects which offered untold riches on the internet. One shiny object after another. Never, of course, establishing a single track or single minded purpose to really see anything through and put in the proper effort.

I did make some money off and on during this period but no sustainable income and no plan nor any real training nor any motivation as a result of a helter skelter approach to the entire internet marketing business.


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