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Twitter Tips – Avoiding Suspension, Even With Tools Such As Tweet Adder 3.0

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I want to convince you that you can mass follow without having risking your accounts getting suspended. You can in fact mass follow and remain targeted in your approach, you can have it all!

Twitter tools such as Tweet Adder have been blamed for people getting their accounts suspended because of ‘follow churn’, that’s the mass following and unfollowing of Twitter users. This really is one of the most widespread reasons  folks get suspended, and also one of simplest to avoid completely with a bit of common sense.

All you have to do is set up the account settings cautiously, just leave it in automation mode and it’ll not follow or unfollow faster than once a minute, then you can just leave this going in the background. I’d suggest not following more than 600 or 700 a day, which is safely beneath the 1000 official maximum, as they’ve been known to penalise people for much less. This is nonetheless plenty of follows to send out each day, I usually quit after less than this.

That’s literally all you have to do, and other Twitter clients have similar options, so there is no good reason why you need to get your account banned with mass following.

But one of the serious drawbacks of mass following is not being able to dedicate your time to each user as there are so many, and without a personal touch, individuals will lose interest. Having said that, you can just list properly, add the folks that are potential buyers to certain lists and give them due attention.

Having this activity in your timeline will always bring in new folks towards you from searches, and show your followers that you don’t run a purely automated account.

You can run a partly automated Twitter campaign, while nevertheless keeping that personal contact along with your users. In fact, Twitter tools will actually help you here by taking care of every thing in the background leaving you time to dedicate to your potential consumers. Tweet Adder for example will handle literally every thing should you want it to, I just turn it on in the morning and nothing else most days!

Excellent luck with your approach.
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